Online Giving is a convenient way to continue your contributions while you’re on vacation this summer.  Visit our website and click on the link.  

Reminder from the church office ~ when planning an event for your ministry, please contact the office to obtain an “Event Planning Checklist”.  This will help everything to run smoothly for your special day.  Thank you!

Vesty Meeting rescheduled for October 27th

Senior Luncheon Friday at noon Church Office Building

Shoeboxes – Items of the month are school supplies and small toys.  We need shoe boxes and wrapping paper!  This week’s item is children’s scissors, BLUNT TIP.  Available for 50 cents or 2 for 1 dollar in most dollar stores… or feed the piggy bank and we will do it for you!  Don’t forget your pocket change.  Check out the boxmeter, it’s on the rise!

Shoe Box packing at the Office Building November 3 - 7th

                                                See Calendar for all event dates and time