Greetings to all!
We have had a number of amazing months after our visit to the United States – so much has happened, our heads are spinning!  We’ve seen God move again and again… it is a very exciting time to be in ministry here.
I have been teaching singing classes once a week at the school our children attend, and my fellow teachers are of several different faiths – I was attending a teacher’s meeting, and found myself between the two Muslim teachers – and one asked about the major differences between Islam and Christianity.  This began a wonderful and respectful discussion, and by the end I had asked for a copy of the Koran – and they had asked for copies of the Bible!  The younger one has since headed off to a Middle Eastern country to study Islam more deeply, and please pray that our conversation may continue to resonate.  The other continues to come to me with questions about the Christian faith – pray for their heart to be open to the Gospel.

The month of May was my turn – to do the services at the Anglican Elderly Care Home (St. Hughes).  Many of the residents don’t understand English well, and so I celebrate and preach in French – which continues to be a challenge for me.  I was on my way to ask neighbors for help with translation and pronunciation, and found they were not there – but the Hindu security guard up the street was!  I’ve been lending him books in English to read, and he was more than willing to help me translate my sermon – which began a lovely conversation about the love and presence of God in our lives.

I recently received a call from a fellow Anglican priest, asking if I would fill in for him for a wedding for that Sunday.  My first wedding ever.  Less than a week away.  I was able to meet with the delightful couple beforehand, a Mauritian and a Malaysian, and crammed a 6 week premarital course into 2 hours.  The wedding went well, and the couple is interested in attending St. Simon (as their mutual language is English), and in doing continued post-marital classes with me.

Shakila has found an opportunity to serve St. Hughes, that same elderly care Anglican home, and is helping the residents there.  This has been quite encouraging for all, and a real blessing from God!  Shakila also gave a well-received talk on preventing back pain to 20 local residents recently. 

I (Bryan) am in the middle of leading a study on Apologetics and Evangelism, specifically in training our Church members to better witness to people of the different religions found in Mauritius in an effective and respectful way, modeling Paul's address to Athens. 

We have recently had the challenge of our house being robbed not once but twice.  We were not home either time, but many valuable items including family gold jewelry were taken along with cash and groceries – with little hope of their return.  As you might imagine, this has been a trying time, testing our resolve and faith.  Please pray for us for protection and wisdom as we work to regain our peace, joy, and security.  We have seen God’s grace come through in unexpected ways… for example, the kids’ tooth-fairy money was stolen, and a kind couple gave them each a piggy bank with more than what they’d lost.  So many people have been supportive and loving, both inside and outside the Christian community.
 To help with security, we’ve taken in a local rescue dog named Thora, who is wonderfully adept at letting us know if someone comes to our house.  The kids are loving having a dog! 

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We are sent  through the Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders, a missionary sending community, engaging in building relationships with the worldwide church to experience the broken restored, the wounded healed, the hungry fed, and the lost found through the love and power of Jesus Christ. 

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Please pray for:
1.  Peace and joy for the family
2,  Finding the right volunteers to help begin and run a faith-based Scouting outreach to local kids.
3.  Further ministry to young adults

Warmly in Christ,

Bryan, Shakila, David, and Elijah