We Are A Liturgical Church

One of the things people first notice when they attend Christ the King Anglican Church is the manner in which we worship.  Our worship is one of participation.  In fact, the word “liturgy” means “work of the people.”  The people of God are not merely passive on-lookers but active participates in a great celebration which seeks to honor God by both Word and deed. 

That’s why throughout the service, you will see people:  stand for the reading of the Word, respond to the prayers of the people, confess sins, sing songs, profess the faith, make the sign of the cross, pass the peace, raise hands in worship, light candles, go forward to receive the bread and wine, recess with the cross and taper.  By all that we say and do, we seek to make public our heartfelt reverence and adoration for God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

If this kind of worship is new to you, we invite you to give it a few weeks.  As you become more familiar with the service, you will find great meaning in the words and acts of liturgical worship and perhaps discover a deeper connection to Christians around the world and down through the century.