The mission of Christ the King Anglican Church is:

"To evangelize the lost and sanctify the saved.”

Everything we do supports this mission.  Our entire budget and all of our ministries are dedicated to fulfilling our call to reach out and bring people into the Kingdom of God and have their lives transformed as a result of being reconciled with the Father through the Son in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Whether it is the clergy, youth or children’s ministers, music ministers, or office staff, we are all working to be faithful to the call God has put on our lives and our church.

Much of our giving and work touches those outside our church community.  Whether it is Interfaith, The Women’s Pregnancy Center, Trinity School for Ministry, Tampa Muslim Outreach, or any of the other ministries we support, you can be sure that each one is God-centered and making a difference in people's lives.

Our commitment to Grace Christian School is a long standing one and we view the school as a primary mission field.  We bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the students, faculty, staff and families every week in a variety of ways.  Whether it is daily courtyard, twice weekly services of Holy Eucharist, prayer in the classrooms, concerts or any other of a number of ways we communicate the faith, God is becoming real to all who attend Grace Christian School and Christ the King is an integral part of that effort.  Without a strong connection to our church, the mission of Grace School will fail.  Without a strong Gospel presence on campus, it is inevitable that the school will drift away from the faith.  God has brought Christ the King and Grace School together and we want to keep that relationship strong and growing.  We have recently purchased five acres on the school property and we are building a new church facility on that site.

Our association with the Anglican Mission in the Americas connects us to the wider Anglican Communion.  Our avenue to Canterbury, the seat of the Communion, is through the Global South.  We left the Episcopal Church for reasons of faith and conscience but we remained a part of the Anglican Communion because we affiliated with the AMiA.  The mission of the AMiA is to evangelize the lost and sanctify the saved.  Sounds like Christ the King’s mission.  We support that mission by giving 10% of our income to the work of the Anglican Mission.  This is what helps new churches to be planted and bring more and more people to faith in Jesus Christ.

As we move ahead with the work God has given us to do we know that God will give us success.

We warmly invite you to join us in this high calling.

God bless you.

Fr. Don+